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About Us

Client Services, Inc. (CSI) is a third party call center that performs work on behalf of various businesses. CSI’s clients include, among others, banks, utility companies, municipalities, county governments, private educational institutions, print publishers, and medical providers.


Asset recovery work (i.e. debt collection) is among the services that CSI performs for a number of its clients. If CSI has contacted you in relation to a debt collection matter, please be aware of the following: 1) CSI does not currently initiate litigation against consumers; 2) CSI does not currently credit report consumer debts; & 3) CSI does not buy or sell consumer debts.


Client Services is committed to excellence and strives to provide a consumer-friendly experience for all consumers. Premised on a desire to work with consumers to find the best solution in a potentially difficult situation, CSI believes in taking a collaborative approach. Recovery agents at CSI are trained as problem solvers, identifying opportunities and providing solution options for consumers.


In addition to the collaborative environment it fosters, CSI’s robust compliance framework helps ensure that its agents comply with all state and federal regulations. The Company continuously monitors and audits itself to ensure that consumers’ rights are protected and that each person it comes in contact with is treated with dignity and respect.


Building and maintaining positive consumer relationships is a top priority for CSI and we hope you will contact us with any questions or concerns.